Mr. Kieran Corcoran
Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine
North Point Business Park
42 A/B, New Mallow Rd
T23 C6P5


Dear Kieran,

Approval of the new Combined Pathway Osteopathy programme proposed by the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine


At its meeting on the 23rdJune, 2019, the Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI) approved the above-named Combined Pathway (CP) Osteopathy programme proposed the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM). This approval is subject to the fulfilment of the specific conditions detailed within the accreditation report – a copy of which is attached with this correspondence. The OCI will require an action plan from ICOM that should detail how it intends to fulfil the conditions associated with the report before the programme begins in September 2019. The OCI will soon be writing to the College with information as to how ICOM should provide the information associated with this task.


In order to monitor the CP’s progression, the OCI will wish to conduct a further ‘mini’ (two-day) accreditation visit to ICOM subsequent to the completion of the CP’s first year. The dates for the visit can be confirmed in early 2020 but the OCI is proposing sometime in October or November 2020.


On a separate note, the OCI would like to inform you that it has employed its accreditation team lead, Mr Bob Davies, on a consultancy basis for the immediate period. Bob will be providing advice to the OCI on all issues concerning ICOM’s accreditation and he will also be leading on the assessment and evaluation of processes relating to those ICOM students who wish to apply for OCI registration but are not studying the approved accredited CP programme. Bob will be in touch directly with ICOM over the coming weeks to discuss this.


In the meantime, the OCI would like to congratulate you and the College on its programme accreditation and wishes ICOM well in its preparations for its launch in September 2019.


Yours sincerely,


Cameron Paulberg

President, Osteopathic Council of Ireland