We are unique because:

  1. The variety of courses and variety of qualifications
  2. Only accredited Osteopathy Course in Ireland
  3. Only Osteopathy programme in Ireland leading to a validated Osteopathy Degree
  4. All courses run on weekends, because of this you can obtain your qualifications while still in full time employment, you can steadily build up your musculo-skeletal clinic  whilst you can decide which road you wish to follow.
  5. All clinical hours our done at the college training clinic. This clinic is one of the busiest in Munster, giving the students a unique opportunity to learn their craft on real injuries while being supervised by some of the most experienced clinicians in practice today.
  6. These courses have been put together by clinicians with years of experience and prepare the students to deal “hands on” with injuries seen every day in a clinical situation.
  7. The curriculum has been arranged which allows practitioners to join these courses at different levels. This enables practitioners who recently qualified or those in practice for a long time to join our course at their level
  8. Flexible entry points to course depending on prior professional or academic experience

Principals Address

Once qualified in Osteopathic medicine, it came to my attention that a number of practitioners found that in this country it proved difficult to begin or advance their knowledge in the field of complementary Musculo-Skeletal medicine.

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to open the first osteopathy college in Ireland, I felt that teaching only the musculoskeletal course was no longer enough, for too many years I had watched colleagues and ex-students travel to the UK to study Osteopathy incurring great expense and time out of their lives.
The path to accreditation by the OCI has been long and thorough, we received our accreditation in June and are now the only accredited school in Ireland. We have reached a high academic standard and will maintain that standard in all the courses that we deliver at ICOM.
The structure of the courses allow you to grow professionally as well as academically, throughout there are break out qualifications should you wish to leave between year 1 and 3.

At the end of Year 1 Orthopaedic Sports Massage qualification at level 5 allowing you to work as a massage therapist. At the end of Year 2 Orthopaedic Sports Therapy  qualification at level 6, in Year 3 Spinal Manipulative Therapy qualification at level 6
In Year 4 you will achieve a Level 7(NQF) Osteopathic Diploma which will allow progression to the Year 5. Y5 is delivered by NESCOT and leads to the award of BSc (Hons) Osteopathy validated by the University of Kingston.

We have just changed our name to reflect our degree status and have moved to a 5’000sq ft purpose-built school.

If you are thinking of a change of direction in your career or indeed if you feel your skills need updating in the field of Complimentary Musculo-Skeletal Medicine I can assure you, that you will find that our courses will reach the standards that are now being internationally demanded.

Take a first step on your journey by contacting our college to discuss your options and let this day be the start of the rest of your life.

Kieran Corcoran. D.O.