Why ICOM? These course are unique because:

  1. All courses run on weekends, because of this you can obtain your qualifications while still in full time employment, you can steadily build up your clinic and then you can decide which road you wish to follow.
  2. This is the only course in Ireland that allows students to apply for clinical hours at our clinics. These clinics are the busiest clinics in Munster, which gives the students a unique opportunity to learn their craft on real injuries while being supervised by some of the most experienced clinicians in practice today.
  3. All final exams are extremely accredited and internationally recognised.
  4. This is the only Irish course in Ireland with a dedicated on site campus student clinic and the course is affilated to Nescot Unversity, Surrey, England
  5. These course have been put together by clinicians with years of experience and prepares the students to deal “hands on” with injuries seen everyday in a clinical situation.
  6. The curriculum has been arranged which allows practitioners to join these courses at different levels. This enables practitioners who recently qualified or those in practice for a long time to join our course at their level, which ensures that practitioners are kept up to date with the most recent and up to date examination techniques. This ensures the safe treatment of patients presented in a clinical situation.

Principals Address

Once qualified in Osteopathic medicine, it came to my attention that a number of practitioners found that in this country it proved difficult to begin or advance their knowledge in the field of complementary medicine.

All the courses seemed to take place overseas (mostly England). The expense and time consumption of these courses prohibited Irish students from advancing on to further their careers. Together with the Northern Institute of Massage we began teaching courses (part time) in Cork in 1995 and now provide Irelands premier Orthopaedic Sports Massage, Othropaedic Manipulative Therapy, Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Cranial Therapy and Dry Needling.

We have just changed our name to reflect our degree status and have moved to a 5’000sq ft purpose built school.

If you are thinking of a change of direction in your career or indeed if you feel your skills need updating in the field of Complimentary Medicine I can assure you, that you will find our courses will reach the standards that are now being internationally demanded.

Take a first step on your journey by contacting our college to discuss your options and let this day be the start of the rest of your life.

Kieran Corcoran. D.O.

Please talk to Ms Pauline Harris regarding the level of training that you may already be qualified in, this will enable us to see which level of the course that will be more suited to you.

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